Army Of Pigs

by P.F.A

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Realm of Devla Records 2014.


released January 20, 2014



all rights reserved


P.F.A Veszprém, Hungary

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Track Name: Good Bacteria
all that she wanted was a little brother but
there used to be too many wasps in the living room
too many questions without answers
maleficium practicioners hiding
in ice-caves like cryptids
you'll find peace in highschool toilets
fuck you, i'm jealous

a little filth on the spirit
some good bacteria
dark childhood memories kill hypothermia

only the ugly cousins of mice
can show you the path to solace
it leads through the gutter
Track Name: Terraforming of Mars
when the ship starts to sink
and the swarming begins
I'll be the violinist
with acceptance under his chin
Track Name: What Would François Mackandal Do?
these swords are just rusty kitchen knives
they have no idea what's going on
just drinking their earl grey in the backyard
basking in the sun all day long
white lizards

all the berries and leaves
they're gifts from above

the poison is tasteless but efficient
they fall like the towers of Nineveh
though it won't give me back my left arm, no
not yet
Track Name: B.Y.O.C.
(Bring Your Own Chromosomes)

the doctor said:
"if you don't quit
smoking cigarettes,
we'll have to
amputate your left leg"

he smiled with yellow teeth
and answered:
"even if you cut my head off,
I won't quit it"
and he died three days later
while sleeping
Track Name: Cold Womb
a wounded wolf-mother
in a dark pine forest
cancer is eating her flesh
but no one cares about that

she brethes her soul out
she can't carry on

the cradle of the new romulus and remus
is the rusty dumpster behind the liquor store
they'll grow up on potato peels and decaying cheese
yeah, that sounds sad
but don't panic 'cause
"rome wasn't built in a day"
Track Name: Loyalty
the creek has its secrets
and so does your dad
we keep our mouths shut
Track Name: Children of the Safety Pin
born sacred,live cursed
orphans of the universe
cut the mohawk,drop the boot
wasted time of a wasted youth

knot the tie,tighten the lace
tired mind,crinkled face
lost the spirit,lost the way
shitty job,nameless grave

but the prehistoric mushroom will forever spread its spores
those ancient rodents will survive any nuclear wars

the teachers,the lawyers,
the cops,the preachers
they will never understand

the parents,the uncles,
the collegues,the poseurs
they will never understand
Track Name: Messiah
we're running
out of time