Dance or Die​!​!​! / P​.​F​.​A split 7"

by P.F.A

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released October 1, 2012



all rights reserved


P.F.A Veszprém, Hungary

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Track Name: Reservoir
2 days before your suicide
we were drinking at the weedy reservoir
now you're gone and it's bringing me down
I hate to say that:
but things must go on
wish you were here
Track Name: Smartass
oh, mighty priest of god
keeper of all secrets
knower of the only truth
please share with me the meaning of life
we're all too stupid to understand
but at least I don't pretend
religions are dumb
Track Name: Flock
happy meal=cops=church=sting
that is how they milk you
that is how they pacify
that is how they make you predictable
college is peace
corpse-eating is strength
convention is freedom
Track Name: Fat Ugly Nazi
you're totally ignorant
this shit has never had any sense
Track Name: Bridge
tonight I drink to forget
or smoke some dope
to dig up the immortal hope
to meet your soul once again
from the quicksand of time

facts are needles
emotions are knives
memories are bees
and my head is the hive
it gets high

open the gates
I'm coming in
open your heart
you can't lie to me

just let this song
be the bridge
to wherever you are

the gleam in your eyes
fills me with strength
glad to see you free from
sadness and despair

just let these chords
be the pillars
of my everlasting love

when there's no point of turning back
and the pus of healing scars fills the lack
I'm ready to turn bitter memories to sweet nostalgia
concentrating on my knees

every teardrop that leaks from my eyes
warms my aching heart and slowly breaks the ice
I've lost a close friend,but with him I've lost a parasite
what they call arrogance, so it's my bittersweet goodbye

our time is up
I gotta leave
the dawn comes on golden wings
to take me away
take me away
take me away