NewDeadProject / P​.​F​.​A split

by P.F.A

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released October 1, 2011



all rights reserved


P.F.A Veszprém, Hungary

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Track Name: Oar
burn every bridge
kill all the lights
now it's just you and your scars
alone in the dark
alone in the dark
alone in the dark


there's no hell without an exit
there's no prison without a tiny hole on its fence

find the strength to get reborn
from another fertile womb
get the time to rebuild your mind
in case if those super-safe pyramids of innocence collapse


too much negativity
drowning in the swamp of self-pity

all those martyrs are dead
their flesh is rotting on their crosses
and all their legacy
is some fading quotations
so please quit talking cheap
I'm not here to hear you whining
but to have you a beer
and to take a bath in laughter

a dead magician is just a dead magician
so bury your regret
that's the exact difference
between a butterfly and a grub
a king and a god

paint the walls red
to fill this room with life

release the wrath
learn to forgive
feel the purgation flow through your veins
let all the fear rot
leave despair behind
come one step closer and embrace the light

open your eyes
let the beams of the sun
filter through your retina
and taste the warmth