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Track Name: A Postcard from Emerald City
false prophets of pseudo-wisdom
blind soldiers of a tyrant kingdom
bury these hills in Coelho quotes
let us all drown in pink unicorn blood
Track Name: Drug Dealers Have Feelings Too
he told me to shoot a flaming golfball through the window
it's kinda like the vaccine for all the diseases
-nah - I said - someone may get hurt.
-so what?
Track Name: Mirror
self-critique is a wonderful thing
you should try it
Track Name: 600 Beers
I remember 16 years ago
we were both seven years old
you were deviant and frustrated by your parents' divorce

what a triumphant night,just watch the stars fall

when you slipped on ice
and broke your acoustic guitar
I was laughing by
the deepest corner of my heart

what a glorious night,see how self-pity rots
Track Name: Pigheart
where chemistry and magic meets
there lies the skeleton of the truth

at the edge of the world
there is a hospital
where its janitors are
humongous brain tumours
Track Name: Exorcism for Dummies
turn your nose to purple skies
and squeeze lemonade from the clouds
sit here
near me
breathe slow
under these peach trees of doom
I stole you a shiny cheeseball,the moon
how could it be more beautiful?
only I can see your aura
only I can clean your aura
Track Name: Phony Punks
all the indie-hipsters
suck my dick
Track Name: Ghettoblaster
oi! oi!
we're having a party next door
you're reaching for the phone
but you won't call the cops
'til PFA's in the dome

you know we were the cutest kids of the block
with some celestial charm
and it's kinda hard to dial
with broken arms

you may not like us
but we're the favoured ones of the gods
armed with good luck
so no one gives a fuck about you

with our shitty tattoos
worn out livers
and the stitches on our hearts

we're a horde of hyenas
a pack of wolves
that can never fall apart

with that sea of booze we've drunk
with that mountain of dope we've smoked
we're still here together
Track Name: Paradigm
today's teenagers,
they howl at some wrong planets
today's teenagers,
ancestors of bald mutants

the mayan calendar is the toilet paper of the gods
can we escape faith?
Track Name: Dear Parents, Your Son Has a Dark Sense of Humour
two cuddling anacondas
are swimming in my blood
in that red river of vitality
the future's blooming there
pigment cells
gypsy witchery
it's coded in my DNA
my wrists are rivers
my eyes are blackholes
Track Name: Cesspool
where do deleted information go?
is there a heaven for dead embryos?
forgotten grandparents invite you for barbecue
who remembers the adress?
it was so fucking long ago
Track Name: Owl Eggs
owl eggs get laid
on the top of the tallest oak
like it or not
they'll come to judge