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Track Name: Fuck The Golden Mean
killing hands of compromise
are approaching to my neck
the middle finger or the middle way
hot or cold,but "the tepid" makes me a wreck
fuck the golden mean
Track Name: Yellow Water
I'm lost in the jungle of meaningless tatoos
and permission of mommies to have a piercing
you're nothing but zombies,zombies that talk
byproducts of our generation
Track Name: Digitus Medius
I had to stand your arrogance
but now one of our stories has come to an end
your scars are wide open and your dignity's sold
revenge is sweet but I prefer salt

career was the first,you had no time for friends
now your grave is dug by your own fucking hands
you got exhausted and your face is worn:
every rose has it's thorn
Track Name: Voyage Home
the street where we grew up fettered our feet
we may try to leave the nest
but this town is a fucking blackhole
wherever we go,she pulls us back
Track Name: One Swallow Does (Not) Make A Summer
resigned sentences are leaving your mouth
they're a nuclear blast to our hopes and our minds
do I've to swallow as much shit as I can,
just 'cause you say "resisting won't change anything"?

these words are embittering me
these words just lead us to misery
these words are embittering me
these words are our worst enemies
Track Name: Chiwawas Of Liberty
barking,barking - it just got old
barking,barking - and do what you're told
barking,barking - i'm so damn bored
Track Name: Puke Tsunami
those copied tapes were the bridges above
the shit-rivers and the streams of glop
but this time they won't be enough,I'm affraid
'cause this time this shit comes in gigantic waves
goodbye sweet chaos,it'll wash you away
Track Name: Hunter Holocaust
executing deers as a hobby
you're another failure of humanity
idiots like you make this ship sink
it's '09 fucker,the best time to think
I hope you get shot
Track Name: The Doomsday Clock Hits 23:59
as I walk home this night
I don't feel panic in the streets
as I breathe in the polluted air
I'm just glad my heart still beats
Track Name: Empty Streets
I'm out to walk,I dive in my mind
punk was never so clear like this time
I can leave all the shit outta my head
I'm out to walk,I dive in my mind
Track Name: I Wanna Live In A Cave
here come the dumbfucks with their pretended smiles
I feel I gotta leave at least for a while
as the sky turns grey I have to realize:
if I stay here "the nothing" will eat me alive

apathetic mornings on the subway
are unendurable to me
take me far away,as far as you can
to the farthest place from this apathy
Track Name: P.F.A
when I was 11,I had the same friends
now the pain in your ears is coming from them
it's not about music, it's about love
it's not about music, it's about love
(we're) animal farm pigs